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Brake rebuild


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Have found today that I need to replace my front calipers or rebuild them. Can anyone tell me if it worth rebuilding them or will I end up replacing them in the end. Have seen the thread on here showing how it is done and I can get the seals and pistions for half the price of a new caliper. I do not mind spending the time doing it as long as they will last a while.


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Having redone all 4 calipers a bit of time ago, it's not too difficult to do.


1) use genuine, I had a bunch of different types (britpart, bearmach and LR OEM) and the genuine were much easier to use

2) get some LM grease (urea based) to grease everything, makes a big difference

3) Make sure you put something like a block of wood in the caliper as you use some compressed air to eject the piston(s)

4) while doing (3) don't get your fingers in the way, it hurts :)

If you are rebuilding because of rust then you will need to either wet and dry everything or buy new pistons and maybe still do a bit of wet and dry on the cylinders. After that, mega clean with brake cleaner and compressed air.

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Did my fronts a few weeks back. Definitely not an especially hard job but need to be reasonably competent and have a good air line as a minimum. Sort of depends on the state of the calipers as to whether it is worthwhile. If they have just superficial surface rust and no signs of heat damage then probably OK.

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If the pistons are well gummed up with crud compressed air will not shift them. If might be worth freeing off one piston at a time using the vehicles own hydraulics taking one pad out at a time and putting a wedge in on the other piston so that you can use the foot brake to free off each piston in turn without popping it out past the seal before then taking the calipers off to use air to pop each of the pistons out. Soaking the pressure seals in fresh brake fluid for 30 minutes will help when fitting the pistons. Pistons should go in with just hand pressure only. If any more seems to be required then you haven't lubed enough. Red rubber grease is what we always use when assembling newly manufactured calipers

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