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Disco 3 Tyre change from OME


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Hello all ,

Have had to abandon the OEM -18" -255 X 55 tyre's on my Disco TDV 6 in order to be able to drive in real african off road and due to supply & size limitations have just bought set 18" - 265 X65 BFG A/T.

Thanks for feedback initially received re "can fit Disco 3" -helped in the choice , next step help/ advise required > With the greater Diameter of the 265 X 65 on the OEM wheel Rim, what will be required to be done if any on ECM's etc for ABS / Gearing -Tiptronic settings ???

From a table i found on the web , the wheel Diameter change will give a 5% discrepancy on the speedo so assume that can also be reprogramed in the speed processor ???-any one with prior experience - Disco 3 Technical advise ???.

Thanks Stan

:P Living life =having an L.R

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I doubt you can do anything unless you are an electronics genius, and in any case it really isn't needed - things like ABS work off relative wheel speeds so a skid is still a skid - the absolute speed is irrelevant.

You're a braver man than me taking a D3 through the wilds of Africa :)

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