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Wolf Air Sioux 50 Air Compressor

Mean Green

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I dont really know what I am looking for when it comes to Air Compressors :blink: - can anyone give me any opinions of Wolf Air Sioux 50 Air Compressor.

I am not a heavy user but want something that can be used for waxoil/underbody sealant gun and blowing up tyres and a tyre gun etc. ie Light garage work.

Spec is as follows -

This Compressor is specifically built for those who require a larger capacity of compressed air, while still enjoying the benefits of this very powerful 9.5cfm, 2.5HP induction motored machine. Fitted with a twin air outlet, the adjustable outlet pressure control makes this machine a highly popular choice for the more discerning user. This machine has the ability to keep spray guns and air tools operating for longer periods of time with its large 50 litre capacity air receiver.

With an air displacement of 9.5cfm and a maximum working pressure of 116psi, this excellent machine is ideal for operating air tools in garages or workshops.

- Motor: 2.5HP, 230V

- Air receiver: 50 litre

- Air displacement: 9.5cfm

- MWP: 116psi

- Heavy duty oil lubricated pump

- Fully automatic control

- Fitted with fully adjustable air outlet pressure regulator

- Dimensions: (L) 720mm x (W) 420mm x (H) 720mm

- Weight: 35Kg

It is around the £150 mark - is this good for the spec?? Any other alternatives that I should consider.


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Hi I bought the same compressor my self. not a bad unit for it's price although I only paid £110. It's the same unit Aldi was selling a while ago the only problem I've had is the twin outlet casting has snapped on the one side so had to drill out and tap a suitable thread as I'm too tight to pay twenty odd quid for a replacement. Tom

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