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Introducing "Goldminger"

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1983 RRC, 3.5 carb V8 with tubular headers and s/s system, 727 3sp trans, Britpart Yellow +2" springs, ProComp ES9000 dampers, Deflex orange bush kit, tubular front and rear bumpers, 10mm ally steering guard, CB, eBay stereo and door speakers, Technic Amazons 255/65/16 on Vogue alloys.




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I think I prefer the Orange - but I understand your username now!! :lol:

Is the gold some kind of protective layer or just a bad spray job? :D

Looks pretty capable otherwise!



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It started Gold, but it was partially resprayed in places by the PO, badly. A few trips on Exmoor saw parts of it looking a bit ropey, I bought a 2.5l tin of Dulux RAL2005, and painted it over a weekend. After one particularily hard nights laning, the steam pressure washer I borroweed started to remove the Orange, and I was back to half and half!

I will spray it this summer, but not Orange, and not Gold. Not sure what colour, but matt white is favourite ATM, with a matt black bonnet.

It is great on the lanes, not done a pay and play yet, but the biggest issue is under diff clearance, and the granite springs it has. I've lost flex as the lift has made the rear trailing arms droop and the bushes get compressed before the spring dislocates.

I'm looking for a combination of nice soft spring and extra length to get it a little higher than std, but with lots of flex.

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I rate the Britpart Yellows as "too hard". The rates are WAY up there, which I guess, is what gives you the lift. My truck is an 1983 model, so pretty lightweight compared to later models, maybe a RRC with lots of leccy stuff, A/C and so on would labour the springs harder and make them feel more compliant? Anyhow, the rates for the Britpart springs are :

F 230lb/inch No free length data

R 220lb/inch No free length data

I called the ProComp people and the rates for the 2" lift springs are:

F 204lb/inch 16"

R 210lb/inch 17.85"

I am looking at a set of these to replace my Britparts:

F NRC4305 149lb/inch 17.18"

R NTC3285 178lb/inch 18.19"

What do you lot reckon then?

Hobbit, if the choice i have made above is OK, then I'd be looking for about £80 for the 4 springs.

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