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Shorter parking brake lever?

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I have a 1992 200TDI that I am fabricating a fully custom dash for and one of the needlessly limiting factors is the parking brake lever. I figure I will leave it in the RHD position since there is so much more sideways leg space there but the stock lever is just too long as it gets in the way of doing a proper centre console. Are there any more or less plug-and-play options out there that would be shorter by 3-4 inches? I fitted an x-brake so the reduced leverage should be irrelevant.

If not I guess I will need to look at shortening/bending the lever.

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Some people use a disco or RRC hand brake lever and fit it to the seat box just to the left of the seat, so actually on top of the seat box. Apparently it works very well, obviously the old lever is just completely removed. I'm going to do this mod...


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