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front shock lower mounting

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Just started the job of replacing the front shocks, after failure of the front n/s, and noticed that the lower mounting hole on the axle has elongated a little :(

Would this have contributed to the old shock failing :huh: and will the new shocks be okay to fit in this, or does this need dealing with before I rebuild :blink:

If I need to repair, does it need a replacement bracket, or can the hole be filled and redrilled? Just looking for advice to do the job right and avoid premature failure of the new stuff :rolleyes:

Planning ahead, as all the parts should be here for a fun Easter of rebuild :)


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I would want to do something about it.. But I tend to do stuff like that (must get a life sometime)

Weld a washer over the whole?

Put a bit of weld around the edge that has been worn away and clean up with a file?

You have it all apart and cleaned up.

Dose it need doing.. Maybe not if you tighten the shock mount up nice and tight so it less inclined to move about.

Will it effect the new shock, not sure doubt it.

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I agree with Scube, weld a washer over the hole.

Around here the dirt roads can have miles of terrible washboard which beats the zxyp out of the shocks and eventually leads to the same elongated hole, the local fix is to weld a decent thickness washer of the correct size. It seems to work great and is pretty cheap and simple to do.

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Thanks for the info

Thought that would be the answer :rolleyes: and really, now is the best time to sort it. Problem is its on axle stands and I don't have a welder :(

Is it something a mobile welder could be bother with :blink: Guess I'd better do some ringing around and see what they say....and have a look for any other jobs I could cobble together :D

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Cor, this is going a bit slower than I planned :blink:

Had a look for your thread Les, but all I can find is the tech one on replacing the mounting :(

Location added, and as for the cobbling together of welding jobs, more on that when I've got the photos downloaded to the 'puter :rolleyes::unsure:

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