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X-Eng v Scrapion

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A bit small and I don't know how to fiddle with the size, but this is what it says:-


NO NAMES, and no pack drill-here - but it would be totally remiss of me not to mention the hottest topic on all of the Land Rover Forums lately. Passions were high on one particular website (which I don't have permission to mention) resulting in the debate spilling over onto all of the popular Land Rover Forums. It was a classic tale of the true enthusiast and rising entrepreneur squaring up to the corporate ''giant". The topic was so sensitive that the moderators at www.landroveraddict.com felt it should be moved from the public area, until the legal position was checked. Happily we were able to reinstate the thread, but we did revise the forum terms and conditions as a result.

The product in question is a rather impressive replacement transmission brake system for Land Rovers (so impressive in fact I plan to fit one to my own v8 off-roader). This Disc Transmission Brake uses "a state of the art monster size mechanical caliper" designed for agricultural vehicles and earth moving equipment; it is guaranteed to hold your Land Rover on any slope.At the time of writing, the issue remains unresolved. However, heres hoping a fresh and innovative business survives to bring more excellent products to the Land Rover community. Information on the Disc Transmission brake can be found at www.x-eng.co.uk.

Les. :)

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Not coming out totally in favor of X Eng, however the fact that the link was given and a good wish bit for the 'little guy' would seem that the writer was thinking good things for Simon. As best as you could expect given funding etc.

why I haven't got around to forking out and getting mine yet I don't know - the piggin handbrake is dead AGAIN, I only fixed it last week....

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I think that's as much of a "thumbs up" as one could get away with in a magazine, given the sensitivity of the issue. I wonder if any others will have the courage to mention it given the acreage of advertising they sell to Scrapiron :ph34r:

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