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Scorpion/Equipe Extreme Kit shock absorbers


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My 90 currently runs the Scrapiron Extreme Suspension Kit, which is a blatant copy of the Equipe 4x4 system. I'm not proud, but it was on there when I bought it and it really does impress with its flexibility. Equipe really did their homework!! Anyway, the only thing that currently lets the set-up down a bit is the softness of the adjustable shock absorbers.

I'd really like to add a couple more PSI in order to firm it up a bit for the occasional fast sections and special stages that we do. My only issue is that I'm unsure what they would have inside them... I'm guessing I can't just attach the compressor and give them a top-up!!

Has anyone had experience with these shocks and, more to the point, setting them up/playing with the bump/rebound rates??

I'm not entirely sure my terminology is right, but I hope you get my drift...



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I am pretty sure they would be filled with nitrogen at something like 200 psi plus if they are anything like bike monoshocks,do they have a schrader valve? If so you will need a special chuck to connect to them, ordinary tyre type will let out more than you put in! serious moto x shops will be able to charge them to your desired pressure. Of course they might not be like this at all.

25 years ago saw a guy drive into the lucas service garage next door to my workshop in an Austin landcrab,sagged right down on the drivers side, he stopped, got out and opened the boot to reveal a footpump as hard as iron fixed to the top of his rear suspension!!

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Nitrogen - but Argoshield welding gas works just as well.

If you want to visit my workshop with your truck, I have a fill kit that Nick & I made for Fox AirShox. It will cope with up to 700psi.

You can weigh it at the same time if you like with my new toy!


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Oooh, yes please Si. Will arrange to come over one day next week, I expect...

Just to find out what's in them would be a good starting point. We can work on it from there...

And for my next dumb@ss question...... Will they have to be emptied before adding the argoshield?? I obviously don't want to create a mixture of gasses which could cause problems!!

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