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method to determine reason for slack


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Can anyone give me pointers for the method to use if I want to determine the reason for slack in my drivetrain? I was inspecting slack in my propshafts and could turn them almost 40 degrees by hand but fiddling with the claws of the UJ's on each end revealed only minor slack in them.

So, the question is, where is all the slack originating from? Needless to say, Yolanda is considerably clunky when driven disrespectfull ;-) She's a 1995 110 CSW 300Tdi


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Could be worn drive flanges. Undo the drive flange bolts and see how easily they slide on and off the half shafts. Very easily and I would replace. At around £7 its cheap to remove from the equation. My 110 was clunking like crazy and when I checked the drive flanges and realised they needed changing 90% of the clunking went away. I now only have a soft clunk which is down to worn bushes. Unfrtunately the weather s rubish again so that will have to wait.

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There is a lots of reasons for slacking...

My 110 had it in: input gear(a lot), T-box, some in gearbox and at splines of diferentials and CVs. Oh and bushes in the undercariage.

If you want to get rid of all of it, it can get quite expensive. But my 110 is MY90 so I probably had more problems as you on your 95

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Is ther a HOWTO in here somewhere?


Remove rubber cap

Undo the five drive member bolts


Remove the circlip and shims on the end of the halfshaft. (keep them safe)

Remove the drive member. The bit that the splines of the halfshaft are just poking through


Fit new gasket to the hub with a bit of Hylomar.

Fit new drive member to the hub and half-shaft

Tighten 5 bolts

re-fit same shims and circlip

Put the rubber cap on



(Images courtesy of Uncle Les)

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