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Steering wobble


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we've noticed the past few days a bit of an unnerving steering wheel wobble at about 55-60mph. it only does it at that speed, you can speed up or slow down and it stops, there's no noise, just the steering wheel wobbles from side to side and it feels like the wheels are loose or something.

i've checked the wheelnuts, the tyre pressures are a bit low as we've been off road, but still well within safe limits, there's loads of grip on them too.

any ideas anyone? it's driving fine the rest of the time and it's only started doing it recently...

and while i'm at it, the cheapo split charge relay has melted a bit and died, so any quick 'adaptations' to get some charge to the leisure battery until i can get a proper system sent to france and installed?

that'll teach me to get a proper one!


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wobbles around those speeds are often wheel balancing.

Perhaps some of your weights have come off?

Otherwise you could take a look at the swivel preload.

If you want to rig up a pikey charge system, replace the relay with a large switch, like a battery cutoff switch or something. Just make sure you turn it off when the engine isnt running.

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wobble could be swivel bearing preload on kingpins? if its fine til you hit a bump etc. Covered before if you do a search "swivel preload"

Relay has melted because you have charged leisure batt from flat? and passed big currents through the relay causing the melting. Bigger relay needed or current limiter, to save relay. Try an old starter relay or solenoid in the short term.

Or parallel a couple or 3 30-40A relays as a bodge. p.s don't forget a fuse


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Have looked at the weights, and there aren't any! though i don't remember any being there from day one... (so one thing to put on my to-do list) and the problem has only just started recently.

it only does it at 55-60mph, speed up and it stops wobbling, slow down and it stops wobbling, and it does it both under acceleration and de-celeration, but only in that speed range. i thought if something was knackered (swivel bearings etc) it would do it at different speeds?

i just want to make sure it's nothing loose and unsafe....

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I had the same thing with my wheels happened at 65 and accelarated through it, it turned out to be the balancing was off, and I had a slight flat, if you can't see weights look for the sticky ones in the inside of the wheels if there are non at all I would say this would be your problem.


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I'll bet £20 on wheel balancing:

1) Check for lumps of mud first then

2) Have all 4 wheels balanced. Get them to take all pre-exisitng weights off and start from scratch.

Had it a few times when weights get flicked off at speed/ off road on roots etc.

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