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Ideas for small headlights ?


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I'm fitting headlights to my offroader, but am a bit limited for space.

I've seen a few people who have small headlights on their trucks, but am stumped at where to find some :o The standard LR round ones are too big.

Demontweeks list a 90mm Hella but it only does main or dip (not both) and looks to mount quite deep. As do the bike ones i've been looking at.

Can anyone share with me what are some flattish headlights i can fit ? If they can take a sidelight bulb as well as main & dip i'll be happy :)



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cheers for the replies....i'm after something a bit cheaper than the above as they'll more than likely get broken in not too long. :lol:

I'm not sure that you can use motorcycle lights on the road, on a car, can you ? Don't car lights have to dip to one side ? :unsure:

it's a challenge truck... but i'd like main and dipped lights on it.


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I use Triumph Vitesse / Herald outer sealed beams, which have sidelight clearings and dip/main beam, cheap as chips small sealed beams,

Why sealed beams Boothy ??, Oh come on think about it boys, they will never fill full of dirty water when doing Challenges etc, because they're sealed.

carp lights but they will do the job and perfectly legal and practical, and Gordon you tight git, they're cheap too.

See you soon.


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I've used the dominator lights from eBay - and very good they are too.

Can't remember who said - but I believe it's not a problem for SVA / MOT that they do not dip to one side.


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