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Changine Fuel Tank on 110

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Our landrover is starting to show a leak from the fuel tank. I'm planning to change it next week to a new one. But just a few questions to hopefully make things go a bit smoother! The landrover is 1983 110 CSW V8 that a previous owner fitted a new chassis to and converted to a discovery 200tdi engine. My guess is that the fuel tank is the original V8 one. So what I need to know is:

What fuel tank do I need order - I've seen different ones for the petrol & diesel etc...

Where is a good place to order it from?

Are there any other seals etc.... that I need to order at the same time?

Any advice on how to do it etc... would be gratefully received!

The rear load bay of the landrover has chequer plate over it that is not easy to remove. Will this make the job any harder or no difference?

Many thanks


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You won't need to access anything from inside the car, so the fact that the loadbay has chequerplate on it is irrelevant.

A standard diesel fuel tank on that age of 110 should be fine I would have thought. The tank should have a sender unit/pickup on the nearside - you'll need a new sender unit, retaining ring and gasket as I can pretty much guarantee that the old one will be corroded and will fall apart. I'd also suggest picking up a length of flexible fuel pipe and a few jubilee clips in case you need to make up connections.

On the top of the tank will be a return pipe - this will be accessible once you've lowered the tank a little.

The fuel filler flexi-pipe connects on the offside - expect the large jubilee clips to be rusted so get some replacements - and depending on the state of the filler pipe you may need to replace that too.

The tank sits on a cradle-cum-guard - sometimes a new tank will come with this guard spot welded to it, the last tank I changed though didn't have this cradle attached and I ended up re-using the original one from the vehicle as it wasn't too bad. Check with your supplier when you order.

Hope this helps,


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If you have a tow bar you will need to remove the 2 pieces of angle that go from the drop plate to the chasis, Give all the bolts a good squirt with WD40 if you can a couple of days before hand. I had to remove and refit my tank a couple of weeks ago and snaped one of the bolts!!

If you have the time and inclination once the old tank is removed I would jet was the rear x member from underneath as alot of muck finds its way in here, wire brush it and paint it. Then refit the tank the next day.

The fiddly job will be getting the fuel line to do back up on the side of the tank if you try to do it insitu.

The main fuel filler rubber will most likely be perished and replace all the hose clips.

My best advice would be jet wash it well and truely before hand then locate all the bolts you need to undo then go mad with the WD40.

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Thanks all for the info, should hopefully make my life a bit easier! Looking underneath the landrover last night it looks like I need to undo the rear anti-roll bar as well. Also couldn't see anything that looked like a guard or cradle. Might be more noticeable as I start to do the job.



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