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engine mounts 4.6 hybrid

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I am placing a 4.6 where a 2.25 used to fit, and I am needing information regarding the mounts.

1) does the 4.6 block have the same bolt-hole pattern as the 3.5, and therefore would the 3.5 liter engine mounts fit the 4.6?

2) if the 3.5 mounts will fit the 4.6, then will it mate nicely with the V8 engine mounts welded to the frame?

If all the above works, does anyone have a set of engine and frame mounts they can sell to me?

Thanks very much....

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As far as i know, the 4.6 and 3.5 will use the same mounts. I replaced my 2.25 with a 3.5- see here:

Engine change

I got my chassis mountings from Richards (i think) and swung an old block in with brackets and rubbers attached, bolted it up to the gearbox, then tacked them into position. Double checked and then seamed them up.

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ok,,well that is good to know/hear. Now for the hardest part, and that is where can I but these bits? I have contacted Richard's and a couple of other shops which offer new chassis, but they say that they do not build the chassis themselves, and are therefore unable to supply the chassis-side mounts. I have also contacted a couple of breakers-yards and to say that I am being put at the bottom of their list is an understatement, even though I will pay for them to go out and simply cut that bit away and courier to me...

So, does anyone know of an old V8 chassis and a guy with a cutting torch who will do this for payment?? thanks

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