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Power steering


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Not sure if this is the best place for this, Mods please move if you feel appropriate.

I have a trialler based on a RR chassis with a carbed 3.5.

It (and me) is crying out for power steering as I have less strength than normal due to illness. I have been offered a complete set up out of a Disco. There is a big part of me that tells me that it will not fit. The Disco in question is a 95/96 300Tdi.

Can an adult please confirm my suspicions?

Thanks in advance.


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I think that the pump will be a serpentine drive so you would need to mount it and convert it to v belt.

Alternatively (and easier in my opinion) you could put an original RR pump on the engine. But then the pipe from the pump to the box will have the wrong fitting on the pump end. If you can get one hose from each style (ie one from the Disco and one for the RRC pump) then a hose repair place will easily make one from two for about £20

Other possible problems include the PS pipes wanting to run where the radiator bottom hose is perhaps?



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Thanks for the responses. I now have access to a RR pump, so that takes care of that. I'm sure our local hydraulics place will make up the hoses. The rad is in the back tub on ths one, so no issues there. Time to dive in and splash the cash then methinks.

Thanks again fellas.



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