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Wanted: MPEGS..... rovers with roof racks...

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right, i've got to put together a powerpoint presentation, all about my uni disertation.... :huh:

..which is about desgning a modular roof rack system for 4x4 vehicles... ;)

what i'm after is a couple of piccys, or even better, a couple of short MPEG movie clips of landrovers, off-roading with heavily laden roof racks...

some camel trophy stuff would be spot on... :)

if anyone has anything on their hard drive that they could email over, it would be very much apreciated... :)

i've got broadband, so file sizes souldn't realy matter... ;)




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You might try here too: Shire LRC Video Gallery the files "Classic shepherd driving" and "Guy diving" not only feature roof racks but tell you all you need to know about Mr Shepherd's driving style. :lol:

thanks for the links guys... fridge, i went to Bosnia with Guy 'mechanical sympathy' Shepherd, so am well aware of his driving style :rolleyes:

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