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100 inch chassis in 3D ???


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Hi guys,

after following this forum for quite a while without posting a lot, here's a question.

Does anyone has a 3D model or drawing from a Range Rover Classic?

The complete car would be nice, if the inside is also designed, but only the chassic would do fine too.

I want to design the new project in 3D first but would like something detailed to start from.


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That would be interesting to see the full RRC in 3D. (not that i rate 3D) Are you devloping a program or in the process?


I'm not devloping a program, i'm just using the standard programs like Google Sketchup and 3D Studio Max.

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This what you're looking for?





Wel, that's exactly what i'm looking for but then in a 3ds file? Or sketchup, or whatever, something editable, i'll manage to find my way in it...

With the Sketchup <> 3D Studio Max thing, lately i've only been doing archtitectural design and sketchup manages this better and easier than 3DS Max. It's been a while since i've used 3DS Max, but for tube bending and roll cage design i think i might need to go back to 3DS Max.

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