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R380 Gearbox - Hard to select Reverse

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I have a 110 CSW (1995) with R380 gearbox, which I bought last year. I have found it increasely hard to select reverse gear. I have taken out and greased the ball in the centre of the gearstick. This helped the gear movement between gears but not the selection of reverse. I have looked at some of the other postings and investgated the hexagonal screw in the swivel joint. It was lose and I tightened it but to no avail. Should I have tightened it in a vertical position or slightly to the left so that when I try to select reverse the rod turns slightly more? Alternatively is it the nylon cup that the gearstick seats into. Should I replace it? I should mention that the gearbox oil was replaced less than 500 miles ago and there is no "crunching" so I assume that there are no problems with the gearbox itself rather the set up of the gearstick connections.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I tightened the screw. I was wondering that if I had swivel joint a bit too far to the right then moving the gearstick right to select reverse would not go far enough and not get into gear. It took me several ( at least 10 attempts) to get into reverse today. Its like it won't go past 4th


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