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300 TDI auto with the dreaded EDC system. wanted software please.


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can anyone help me please.

first i need to know what type of system is used on the 300TDI with EDC .

my OBD reader will not read anything on that system.

can i either download or buy the software to load onto my laptop so i can read the system.

as of yet i can only find software for TD5s onwards.

any info would be greatly received.

thanks neil.

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As Boggy says,you need Testbook or similar,none of the cheapo's will talk to it anyway.Probably be better to get the codes read at an independant.

The EDC on 300TDI's is about as reliable as you will get,so many places dont know much about it,but the fault codes are usually pretty accurate.

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I have the same motor and have a fault that only happens when accelerating hard.

Would the new Hawk Eye product work as it claims to work for D1's

Cheers Julian

Yes it would as long as you buy the correct software bits to go with it.The system is just a rehash of the old handheld tester that was sold with Testbook T4 by Omitec.But if anyone can recommend a decent local indy with Testbook I'd just use them,EDC faults are few and far between,once your car is fixed you may end up with a very expensive tool that you will never use again.

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