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Should it be tight or is loose ok? (drop arm rubber gaitor)

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Posting on behalf of my mate.

To cut a long story short he's paid the garage £105 for fitting new ball joint on the drop arm. After the garage failed it on the MOT. The gaitor is loose after the work and he wants to know if this is the norm or should it be tight fitting??

He's going back tomorrow morn and wants some back up to make sure they get it done right.

What do you guys reckon? Should he insist on it being done different?

Cheers in advance

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I spent ages trying to get the cover to hold on the drop arm - mine didn't have any sort of groove at all and kept popping off.

The top should be held on with a spring type thingy (technical description!) I filed a "small" groove in the drop arm where the cover sits and then put a cable tie on and so far it's held.

I have all the bits ready to convert it to a straight Disco type with TRE instead which looks a much better solution but I guess having just paid for the ball joint you don't want to spend out again.


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