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hazzard lights


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Guest diesel_jim

Sounds like the switch itself is dead. the switch keeps both LH and RH circuits "separate" so that when, for example, you indicate left, the RH side doesn't flash with it... make sense?

so when you turn the hazzards on, it connects both LH & RH together to make them flash simultainously (sp! :blink: ) if only one side is flashing when you turn them on, then it's got to be the switch.

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yep, sounds like the switch, I had a similar problem.

should be easy to check with a multimeter/pilot light.

the switch is actually 2 switches in one;

the bottom 3 contacts supply power back to the flasher relay

and the top 4 are 2 for the LHS and 2 for the RHS.

There is a "known issue" similar to the headlight switch

where the nylon bits melt, due to towing trailers with dodgey electrics

and can cause strange operation.

!warning! the LR part has some cost issues :o

If you are going to use a non-LR part then consider dissassembling

the old switch (!warning! flying parts - choking hazard)

taking the good bits from the el-cheepo switch and reassemble.



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