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Brake caliper piston replacements

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Having stripped down the front brake calipers from my 90, it's clear that they are going to need some new seals and in more than one case the chroming on the pistons has rusted through. I notice Paddocks sell replacement pistons in stainless. Has anyone got any thoughts or opinions on whether or not these are a good or a bad thing?

I had to use my hydraulic kit to push the pistons out, so I'll now have hydraulic oil mixed in with the brake fluid. Has anyone got any magic cleaning tips or do I just wash them through with Gunk or Jizer, rinse in water and then dry carefully (I have an oven for this) before putting them back together?

Any other tips or recommendations for caliper service while we're at it?


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Stainless steel pistons are much better [don't corrode] wpe the oil off & then wipe with a clean no fluffy rag soaked in brake fluid & then dry, any hyd oil left in the fluid gallery will be flushed out when you bleed the brakes.

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