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Where do I get forum stickers from?

I've sent some money to White90, as a donation and a bit extra for a few stickers as per the other Forum Stickers thread, which he has acknowledged, but I've not heard anything about my sticker request? Do I have to have a minimum number of posts or meet some other special requirement to qualify?

Who posts them out? Are there any in stock at the moment?

Just trying to help spread the word, that's all.

Kind Regards


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Les normally addresses these

I will ask him if we have stock if not

I can refund any monies if required.

I'd like mine too, if possible - it's not the money, honest, just that the 90 looks so wrong without one

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Well I have messaged Les and will let you know his reply

if not we can/will get more made.

Like I said anyone wanting the ££ back just say

I'll give it to you myself so the forum doesn't lose out.

please bear with us Whilst we check on stock and if required get more commissioned.

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