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Series 2A wheel stud thread size?

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Q - can anyone tell me the wheel stud thread type and size used on earlier series vehicles?

I've managed to get hold of some nice Wolfrace alloys but they need special sleeve-nuts. I have some metric nuts that fit later series and coil axles, but before I go and swap hubs etc, I'd wondered if you could get imperial nuts to fit the axles I already have?



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Yep you are right there Phil I'd forgotten about them :)

9/16" = 14 mm and obviously M16 = 16mm dia for a quick check.

The threaded and staked studs don't like wheels that are not a close fit on the hub dia and invariably work loose ;)



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Cheers guys, it definitely has 9/16" studs then.

From a quick check on the web, it seems I'm going to have to change to M16 studs if I want to use these wheels, which leads to the question of how best to do it?

I suppose I could swap the hubs over? Will this pose any problems with bearings or seals between earlier ('68) stub axles and later metric hubs, or should I just knock out the old studs, drill out the holes and replace with new studs?

Thanks again,


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