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tight fit, will it work ?


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just looking for a bit of moral support before i start cutting & welding again.

Got my 200tdi nicely fitted now so its just a matter of getting all the plumbing right now, I have read all the threads & considered the various options & really would like to use the TDI rad/oil cooler etc. It appears i can achieve that by bringing it back so it slides over to the left & gives room for the steering arm. I am left with about 30mm between the water pump shaft end & the rad. all the hoses will need shortening but will fit, I am swapping the intercooler for the 300tdi unit with the intakes on the left as the present one fouls on the alternator pulley. I am thinking i can fit an electric fan in front of th rad & have it blowing instead of sucking ?. mechanically i think i can make aa fairly neat job of this but am wondering if i have missed anything ?



it also look as if i can slip the header tank in the corner here which will leave the space above the fuel pump to get the air cleaner in.


I would be greatful for any suggestions before i commit to this route :unsure:

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that looks to sit in exactly the same place that mine does, except i moved the intercooler forward and more towards the centre so it overlaps the rad.

i've not had any clearance issues at all, and i normally have an electric fan off a citroen in front of the rad to cool it when needed.

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I personally HATE electric fans. So when I put in a 2,5TD in my series I just welded the original defender fan to the pulley. It was really easy to center as it just fit over the edge. Sure you will get a bit of noise at idle cause it runs along, but in a series it really isn't that noticeable ;)

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