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by Mark90:

Transfer box can be lifted on and off by hand from underneath. Some long studs can help - get 4 120mm (I think it's 120mm) M10 bolts and chop the heads off, I then cut a slot in the cut end to use a flat blade screw driver in them. Put these in the rear 4 holes that you remove the bolts from that hold the transfer box to the main box. Slide the transfer box off along these bolts. Then when fitting these bolts help guide the transfer box back into place, just a little jiggle of an output flange (don't forget diff lock) to line the splines up and it'll pop right on

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Only just seen this thread. Have just checked mine and they are 180mm, this length allows the transfer box to be alinged on the bolts before the seal goes over the main box output shaft. Just make sure you are still supporting the weight of the transfer box and using the bolts for alignment, hanging a transfer box off the end of 4 180mm bolts isn't a good idea. Using bolts rather than studding makes it easier to slide the transfer box along due to lack of threads along the bolt shank.

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