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installing side bars/steps...RIVNUTS !!!!


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guys im stuck..... i need some kind of fixing..?

bought some chrome side bar jobbies for the freelander and had an attempt at fitting them today.... it didnt happen like the manufacturers instructions suggested....

the main problem was the fixings for the chassis, known as rivnuts...

the chassis and inner sill on the car has holes already in it, but they were just holes,no captive nuts etc.... the instructions told me to enlarge the hole with an 11mm drill bit... that was easily done...

next was to insert some peice of cak fitting called a "rivnut" or "nutsert"...... then using a rivnut tool (which cost a tenner and does not work at all) you insert an m8 bolt and tighten untill the rivnut colapses on itself forming a tight rivet with a thread in the middle...

well, the rivnut tool failed to grip the rivnut in any way whatsoever, therefor it would just half colapse and then spin......with no way of keeping it still it seems impossible to tighten it down enough to make it collapse and for a tight solid fixing point....

so, i have got one in nice and tight, two in which are loose and one whole in the sill looking a bit ragged....


the ones i have are m8... i have seen m10 ones on ebay, i was gonna drill out these failed attempts and start again with a more substantial rivnut but its been suggested to me that i wouldnt be able to get them to compress without a specialist tool ?

so.... is there any other option....

i need a fixing of some kind..... both the sill and the chassis are hollow with no acces to the inner side for holding a spanner on a nut etc or anything... the metal is around 3.5mm thick...

plaster board fixings seem the only option but obviously they just aint sturdy enough...largest i can find is m6........

welding some kind of nut in place and an option, i dont have access to any welding gear....

is there any way of me fixing a stud in ??

god this is doing my head clean in...

anyone else done this mod and had the same problems...how did you sort it out ?

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The method in Western's link works most of the time, but if it does not, you can solve the spinning-rivnut problem by using a small length of tube, and holding that still with mole grips, or weld on a small handle etc.

landymanluke... your gonna have to elaborate mate...hahaha...what am i doing with the small length of tube ?

ive gotta feeling it will be spinning like a cathrine wheel and im not sure super glue will bond to well to the under seal in the sill and chassis...

cheers guys..

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You can use a bit of tube, or an oversize/drilled out nut, the idea is to stop the rivnut turning, either due to the bolt turning, or due to whatever is above the rivnut turning.

You do really need three hands to make it comfortable - but it does work. I have set a lot of rivnuts this way. I keep meaning to make a tool.



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