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How not to treat your diff + "Show your Busted Bits" Thread

Off Road Toad

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Monday morning last week we were greeted at work by Nigel from hell sobbing like a baby saying his diff had blown itself up and it was all my fault coz i built his diff etc etc :o .

So now iv'e had the oppurtunity to take it apart and see what really happened to his poor diff i'd thought i'd share with you my findings :D .

These pics show that ep90 really does work better than sand as a lubricant :P




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Tis all true :P

Just worry that me, your 90, and a set of small wire cutters and your hand made (by Me) Megasquirt loom

might all meet up and keep quiet about it. To be honest its about time you went orbital again vis a vi

"Starting" problems :D

In the meantime I will hang my head in shame and say "Axle case cracked" letting in said Gloop :)


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Heres my best effort

Not land rover related, its a 1000cc V Twin bike engine

Rod snapped coming out the front of the engine, shearing the starter motor straight off the crankcase + bending the shaft of the starter motor

Smashed off almost all the liner from the bottom of the barrell, all the skirt smashed off the piston + was then sideways in the cylinder but strangely no scoring or marks on the cylinder wall, probably as there was no skirt

The snapped rod then imbedded itself in the crankcase

Sounded like a box of bolts when i took it out

was doing approx 85 when it went, 600ft of oil later + rear wheel covered in oil, was a close shave

Enjoy the pics :)







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Again not LR related, Alfa Romeo V6. The car came to me with a fault "the engine wont turn over, the breakdown man says it's the starter motor".............


The top part of the rod, with the gudgeon pin still in it was wedged between the crank and the block!

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A pretty worn UJ. Made quite a rattle.


This stub axle got hot enough that the half shaft welded to it and snapped off. It had been stood in water up to it's arches for the 24 hours previous, before being flogged down the motorway. Clunk, clunk and no drive.



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The start of all of it.


Replaced it, new rockers and all. Did timing belt at the same time (*sigh*).




And the culprit:


Somehow the cam pulley bolt came loose, resulting in the belt being loose and the valves hitting. I'm pretty sure I torqued it :blink: Took the head off to inspect further damage, but all seems fine luckily.

Third time's the charm? :lol:

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