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Gaining access to rear sunroof motor?


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I have found the excellent tutorial by Rickstart on how to repair the sunroof motor (Disco 2) which also shows how to remove the front panel. Not too difficult I guess.

However I wish to get access to the rear sunroof motor and I cannot see how to get access to it without removing the whole rear lining, which looks like a bit of a job and a half.

Is therean easy way to remove the plastic roof panel, I can see no clips or anything holding it and am about to conclude the hard way is the only way.

Can anyone advise either way?

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:( Did anyone ever come up with a solution for this as I have the same problem?

If you prise out the sunroof switch there is a pozi head screw that holds the whole thing to the roof. Undo it but whatever you do don't try to pull the plastic panel away from the headlining. You can pull down the panel and headlining enough to get a short hex head screwdriver in to undo the three bolts holding the motor in.

Trying to remove the panel results in broken pins as you can't get to the nuts very easily.

The lining goes back nicely afterwards when you do screw it back up.



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