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Hand brake disc conversion

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Have to say the one on my 110 works well but then don`t intend to use off road

But have one fitted to the 90 and is the PTO version which works brilant but did a wee modifaction to it before fitting welded a 1" thick plate between the 2 steel tubes spacers which the caliper fit`s to which when I though about it the tube spacers have a lot of pressure on them and not a lot of surface area to stop them from twisting sideways so the plate makes it more like a H shape so less stress on the to long bolts

Not that there anything wrong with the design but if you think about it when at events and you want to winch someone out and on your own you pull on the handbrake so there is a lot of pressure on the 2 bolts which hold the calliper in place

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In the X-eng instructions it specifically says not to winch against it..... but yes I can see why you thought to do the above.

I am fairly sure on a rangie/disco you would struggle to get it fitted with the extra metal you mention....?

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