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[Slightly OT] Boiler heat exchangers

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A couple of months ago, I came up with a very cunning plan. Using a heat exchanger from a combi boiler welded into the top of my 13kg butane bottle woodburning special I was able to drive a couple of radiators. Worked great...for a bit.

The problem was that the hx was so efficient, that the flue never got properly warm, and all the tar and crud from the burning wood condensed on the fins, completely clogging them. Epic frustration and an angle grinder saw the hx removed.

Anyhow, I'm now looking for a less efficient replacement, and came across this whilst searching eBay: eBay linky

I'm not prepared to fork out that much :blink: , and I know nothing about boilers. Is there a cheaper alternative/something similar fitted to something else that I'm likely to find in a scrappy?

Or shall I get busy with the copper tube and a blowtorch? :ph34r:

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It shouldn't be too much trouble to make a coil if you have a tube bender (For copper tube though, CDS might be a little overkill) to fit yer flue.

Alternatively, you could make a jacket to fit the can it's self, a bit like a back boiler, but more like a back-and-sides boiler...

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Thanks guys.

I've actually modified the woodburner so that it will burn more or less any combustible oily stuff I can throw at it. Currently tested on diesel/waste engine oil/waste ep90/veg oil and animal fat. These produce much more 'hot gas' rather than radiant heat as wood does. Mostly I think due to the forced air.

I'm actually going to be using it to provide heat for my bio-diesel processor, so it needs to be pushing out as much hot water as possible. I'm not sure microbore around the flue will cut it.

If I can't find anything 'off the shelf' then I'll some sort of cross flow arrangement from lots of 8mm pipe running between 22mm manifolds or something similar.

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