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TD5 Disco Fuel pump/sender unit

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To test if the fuel pump has failed, there's a simple test to do with a bulb and wire. The plug on the pump has 4-wires - 2 thin wires, which are the sender wires, and two thick wires, which are the live and earth for the pump motor. With the ignition on - the white wire should be live and the black wire should be earth. If there's power to the pump, then it has failed and a new one will set you back around £180 smile.gif

Replacement is as follows-

Raise the rear floor mat to expose a round panel - remove the 6 x screws and the the pump will be exposed.


Squeeze the tabs on the plug and disconnect it - tucking the wire out of the way under the floor pan.


There are 4-pipes with coloured locking tabs (they must be reconnected to the new pump in the same order. Squeeze the tabs of each pipe connection and disconnect the pipes - leaving the tabs on the old pipes for now. From left to right it will be White, Green, Blue, Black.




The pump assembly is spring-loaded in the tank, so press down on the top of the pump, undo the locking collar - it unscrews anti-clockwise, and then release the pump - it will come up about an inch or so under spring pressure.


Lift the pump up and then to the left, so that the sender float clears the tank. If the seal comes off with the pump, then carefully remove it and check for any damage (you have to reuse it). Right hand side of the seal in the pic is the top.


Refit the seal in the lip of the tank and lightly grease it to prevent damage when fitting the new pump.


New and rather expensive genuine parts pump.


The new pump comes with coloured tabs - remove the plastic plugs and leave the tabs fitted to the pump.


Hook the sender float in the tank so that it's on the right, then lower the pump into place - taking care not to dislodge the seal. It will sit on the bottom of the tank with an inch or so protruding out of the tank.



There's a locating tab on the top of the pump - it has to locate in a slot on the right. Press the pump down hard, so that it locates properly, then screw the locking ring back in place - hand tight should be enough.


Remove the old coloured tabs one at a time, and then press the pipe into the new one until it clicks into place.

Reconnect the plug, turn the ignition on, and you should hear the pump run as normal. Go through the self-bleed sequence, replace the cover panel and floor mat.


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