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Have just developed slow puncture where inner tube valve emerges from wheel. Local KwikFit say replace tube but another branch of same said should never have had tubes in first place so a bit unsure. I am pretty sure I have a spare inner tube in garage which I will look out and go to branch who said they should be tubeless since they seemed to be a bit more familiar with Land Rover but not 100% certain they know any better than local branch.

Previously had bother with spare wheel which turned out to be corrosion on rim so had already been thinking perhaps new wheels would be an idea as could then run The Beastie and also get old wheels shot blasted and use for spares??

So far as I can tell they are original wheels - remnants of white pain but quite a lot of sort of rust showing through. The tyres are generally reasonable and are mostly Michelin and 205 80R 16. I had been thinking a bigger tyre would have benefits in terms of clearance and looks. Budget is fairly finite though which limits my options.

Any suggestions best route forward?

Thanks for any input

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For me it has to be ROUND BLACK ones <_<

Sorry couldn't resist that one :rolleyes: , Seriously though have a look at Insa Turbo Special Track,

They are a remould and a tred copy too, very aggressive but then if you have a go any where motor you

might as well put go any where boots on it ;). I'm running with 265/75/16 size bit noisy on the road but

hey it's a Landy they come with noise! Well that's my input hope it helps

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I`m running 265/75/16 bf goodrich at2s, and have a set of insa turbos for playing. I think they are a bit extreme for day to day use :ph34r:

AFter the local scrotes slashed my tyre I bought new wheels and tyres in one hit. I run an Azure Blue Disco now fitted with Cooper ST,s on Gunmetal modulars. The deeper offset makes the track wider and the colour looks the rite even on my old Disco. :D I used to run my 90 on Insa Turbo Dakars and they were no trouble on or off road.I think they are a copy pattern mud tyre.

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Some of us don't have the luxury of space to accommodate a spare set of wheels and tyres let alone the money :rolleyes:

Like i said the Special Track is aggressive, but I'll be buggered if I'm gunna fanny around changing wheels and tyres when I'm going over the fields which is usually 2 to 3 times a week, at the end of the day it all depends on what and how each of us use our Landys that will determine tyre choice.

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your slow puncture! well it wont be where the valve come out of the rim, it could be any where, it just that the air comes out of the gap around the valve, as the escaping air from the tube escapes into the gap between the tube and tyre, then has to come out somewhere, ie around the valve. Just get the puncture mended. or fit a new tube.! :huh:

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