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K series head gasket??


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Hi there,

Anyone have any good tips or tricks regarding the cam belt and head gasket on the 1800cc K SERIES engine,

I have one to do tomorrow for a friend, and he has been sold a head kit from a rover dealer for around £240 :blink:

He now has a whacking great lump of alloy that appears to bolt up in the bottom of the block, and held down with the strech bolts for the head!

"Its a Lotus design said the parts man"!!!!! anyone came across this?

Thing is i have had a look and i dont think it is head gasket failiure, coolant is clean, no oil film, and no real symptoms of h/g.

Im leaning more towards water pump? or inlet manifold?

as i hear they can cause problems with leaking?

I will drain the oil in the morning and see what comes out either oil/water and go from there!

Like i say any info regarding this/ what to look out for would be great.

many thanks

Ian ;)

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Inlet manifold O-rings are a good cause of coolant disappearing, the gasket costs £7 ish and takes about 10 minutes to do. The full HG kit your friend has is no bad thing though - the casting for in the sump was deemed unnecessary by Dave Andrews (DVA Power) who built my engine, he says he spoke to the guy who designed it and even he reckons it's marginal. As long as you have the updated gasket kit, steel dowels, and preferably the stat relocation plumbing, it should be good.

I'd try the O-rings 1st though, a lot less hassle!

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