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Capel Autojumble 4x4 Surrey

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  • 2 months later...

So this is coming up this Sunday, I've got the day off work and all ^_^

Who's coming?

I'll be there looking for a few bargains. It'll be the first time I've not been there as a seller. I shall be sporting some HoFS merchandise for easy identification.

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[cheeky git mode on]



I'd like to go to Capel

I have a few bits to get rid off, and would go in the 90


Also want to have a wonder about, ....try not to come back with more than I go with

.....but its always a risk - ......esp for me :D

Thus, I am wondering, is there anyone who knows me who is going who I could

pay me fee on entry, park up next to leave bits strewn about and then Foxtrot Oscar off for a wander

around leaving them with a list of bits and prices :D

I would of course return the favour on retuen

[cheeky Mode Off]

If so PM me as we would need to enter at the same time behind each other re field entry / parking



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Got there at 09:00, went round a couple of times, bought a few choice bits & pieces, left for home at 10:30

There didn't seem to be as many sellers there as there have been in the past :(


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Arrived just after 10:00am had a wonder around bought a few odds and ends (handfull of large head rivets for £1).

Chatted to a few people and headed home just after mid day.

Not been before so unable to compare to previous Autojumbles on this site, I enjoyed myself and the sun was out which is always a bonus.

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I bought a couple of bits. Saw Ian and also bought a large handful of rivets :) Ran into quite few people I know and had a good chat.

I have been to this event for the last few years. It's a nice friendly event and the sun always seems to shine.

I really don't understand why it doesn't attract more visitors, it's advertised in most of the comics. It's always been about the same turnout.

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Good day :)

Got there early and got the only good bulkhead there for the Series III ^_^

Also picked up a mint condition radiator/breakfast panel, and some galvanised body cappings for the 90. Plus some miscellaneous other bits. From what I saw there was a general trend towards Series parts, and indeed Series vehicles. Must have been at least half-a-dozen Series trucks for sale there.

My first time at this event, so I can't really compare on size. Smaller than Newbury, but that is to be expected, I did think there could have done with more sellers being there though. I had got pretty much everything I needed in two hours. Still, will go again. The atmosphere was nice, everyone was very friendly and prices were reasonable :)

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I was there selling a few bits (Alveston red 90 csw ) Ive never been before so cant comment on turnout, but defo room for a few more, Had a lovely day though sitting in the sun :D Didnt buy much meself this time, Ill probally go next year weather and calender permitting,

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Yep, I noticed the abundance of series stuff for sale. A lot of lightweight bits too. These days the majority of bits seem to be Defender RRC and Disco 1 stuff, but not today.

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