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Well I make it the first Tuesday of April!

7:30 tonight, at the Gas Club Swindon (next to Wickes)

Who's going?

New people are of course always welcome smile.gif


Do you have a postcode for it? I may venture out...


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Blimey! From Henley-on-Thames?!

I also work in Newbury....... so half way there... Henley to Swindon is only an hour, I do it enough times........

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Hello Guys

Do you meet the first tuesday of every month , as i live in swindon and have just bought my first 200 tdi and looking to join a club and slowly get mine prepared for some off roading days out and laughs got the name ridge rider as me the wife and kids went up the ridgeway and i kept trying to drive on top of the ruts lol , till the 3.5 ton colapsed the ruts . i know im a whimp but hoping to change all that :D

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Hi guys I know Ross quite well and will be joining you all tuesday night.

I have posted a few pictures of my greenlaning trips first one cross Tarr steps ford in the old 200tdi disco.

And lots of other for you to enjoy I have a good knowledge of the byways over the lambourne marlbough downs being born and inbreed there.

Last picture is us bivi out on a farm I got permission to bivi on good old camp fire and etc great.





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