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Help fitting a second battery


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Hey all,

I have my second battery now ready to fit, and have searched through the previous posts of fitting one, but all they say is some 'bits and bobs' need relocating.

My problem is how - as you can see from the pic, I have my air intake right bang in the way, together with the cruise control bits (but I think the battery will fit with the cruise control bits still in the same place - so how do I relocate the air intake without major works, or fitting a snorkel which is not the sort of thing I am after due to the costs - or is a case of major works required :confused:

Any ideas appreciated on how I can get the standard size battery into this space....



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You do not "need" that pipe from the airbox to the inner wing. It simply unplugs and leaves a hole. Provided your new battery does not fit flush tight to the hole it will still allow plenty of air into the box as is. The jack and wheel chock can be relocated onto the other side in front of the servo.

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I have done what Mark has done, but instead of cutting a new hole in the air box, I am just running with the orginal hole from which I removed the wing connector pipe. So air is just being sucked in behind the battery.

I haven't noticed any lack of power or any problems so far and can't see why I would have any.

This isn't a long term solution mind, it was just so I could have my second battery wired up and installed while I saved my pennies for safari's finest. I am going for the 200 Tdi air box and Snorkel like orgasmic farmer has done. Looks tidier and easier to install IMHO.

hope this helps


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