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Now what!!!


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Is it just me or does everything go all at once for everyone else as well?

Tried to start it this morning and got a click and nothing else.

Battery light was looking dim so went and connected up the booster box and while she still wouldnt turn over I did get a series of rapid clicks.

Its been labouring to start for a bit now and I've already swapped the alternator,battery is only a year old so I'm thinking the starter isnt engaging.

Any thoughts?

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Sounds like a dead/dying battery - the clicks are the solenoid trying to engage but falling out as soon as the starter tries to turn as it draws lots of current & the voltage drops, so the solenoid drops out, so the volts go back up, so it goes round again... hence click click click click...

Easy test - try jump-starting it, if the starter works fine when connected to a good power source, then it's probably the battery (or possibly the alternator isn't charging).

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New battery and 75 quid later did the trick, thanks everyone.

I was going to clean up the earth on the drivers wing but the nut wasnt for moving, unlike the stud which was wobbling. I got the impression that I'd have another hole to deal with if I tried to crack it, and right now I've got more than enough to patch before the MOT :(

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