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V8 air flow meter


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hi all,

I have been out tinkering with the trialler this afternoon in an effort to sort out a "wheezing" intake on the trialler. I suspected that it was the raised air intake but instead I traced it back to the air flow meter. Basically, whenever i opened the throttle there was a squealing noise almost like a whistle.

Anyhow, i pulled the airflow meter to oneside and the trialler started playing up, failing to idle properly and stalled a couple of times. I thought that i may have pulled a wire off or something similar but checked everything and all is ok. Its had some running issues in the past and i think now that it may have been the air flow meter all along. I will try and borrow one off someone to test it before I buy a new one but i cannot seem to find a definative answer as to whether the part number on mine ESR1057 can be replaced by the more common ESR 5198, generally these seem alot cheaper! If any part number geniusses are online I would appreciate it very much!


Dave R

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