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Rear dickie seats in a disco2


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Might have the need later on this week to utilise all the seats in our 7 seat disco2 transporting some kids about.

Question is, all these nippers still use forward facing car seats - the ones that are basically like a booster seat and the standard 3 point harness holds them and the seat in place.

question is - are the 2 dickie seats in the back of the td5 disco certified to carry kids in this fashion?

i think they are, as they have 3 point seat belts and the seats are locked in place etc, but before i strap the blighters in i want to be sure.



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Page 53 of the user manual would suggest not, the concern is the limited space between rows 2 and three. It does say smaller forward facing seats and booster seats are ok in these positions though.

Also front seat is a no go as you probably know.

If you have to use two or three child seats I'd use them in the middle row.

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I have a grand total of five granddaughters that we (my wife and I) regularly pick up from school. The two youngest consider the 2 seats in the 3rd row as THEIR seats and are quite comfy and safe in there, strapped in with the additional headrests locked down.

The granddaughters are the main reason I was looking for the seven seater that I own since december last and I heave not had a second of regret in buying it. (disco 2, build 2000 with 210000 kms on the clock and running smoothly)

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ncap ratings are for that 800kg crisp packet hitting a wall at 30mph, so energy involved is only from that 800kg.

i hit that 800kg tin can in my 2400kg disco2 at 30mph - then i am imparting 3 times the energy into it. Like to see its ncap rating with that sort of real world impact.

he will be my crumple zone.

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Watched an old fifth gear last night and they crashed a volvo estate into a renault modus head on at 40mph.Which would you rather be in? Before watching I would have said the volvo but after seeing the result of the crash put me down for the modus(crisp packet).

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