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Defender V8 auto exhaust

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Having fitted an auto box in my factory fitted Ninety V8, I've ended up with the exhaust pipe that crosses over from the drivers side running very, very close to the front of the gearbox sump.

This is not good, as sometimes it will clonk the sump, and Mr MOT man will get the hump about that, not to mention that it will eventually wear a hole. I also worry about the heat transmitted into the gearbox oil.

So, my first question is - how is the exhaust routed ahead of the Y piece on the 50th V8? Any pictures would be good. Microcat's diagram gives very little detail.

Next, does the 50th use standard RRC/Disco 3.9 cast manifolds? I have 3.5 cast manifolds at the moment, but I have some 3.9 ones in the shed.

Does the 50th use the larger bore pipe found on 3.9 RRC & Disco?

Essentially I would like to know whether a 50th system will fit my truck. I know it has cats fitted, but I don't need them. They can't be too hard to replace with a bit of straight pipe. I would like to fit a system that is as off-the-shelf as possible. Yes a custom system like Nige's would be nice but I don't want to spend that much :)

Double S exhausts said they could copy any existing pipe I provided, but that would mean taking my pipes to them, they're not exactly local. If I could say to them 'make me a 50th system but replace the cats with straight pipe' that would be ideal. It would be a good opportunity to upgrade to the size pipe a 3.9 should have IMO.

Should also mention that I have the rectangular section cross member, not the round one.

Before anyone starts flaming SS, I will add that I have had one of their 3.5 V8 systems for 16 years now, and have little to grumble about (except with the non-SS flanges they use).

All helpful comments and pictures will be muchly appreciated.

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Your exhaust should not move in relation to the sump, as it is bolted rigid to the engine.

Apart from that I have a 3.9i in a 110 csw with a lt85 . I have the standard 3,9 cast manifolds, with stainless twin downpipes,and Y piece . Just had to get a slight mod on the outlet of the Y to connect to standard V8 csw system . HTSH

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I've put a 3.9 in my 90 and i used standard 3.9 cast manifolds with standard downpipes and Y piece.I had to change the gearbox crossmember from a 3.9 Disco(round U shaped one) to clear the downpipes.The bore is a lot bigger than the 3.5 with the exit of the Y piece being 2 1/4".all i've done is use the rear silencer from a 300 Tdi and joined the Y piece and tailpipe.should be plenty loud enough and freeflowing.

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