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3.9 Cylinder Head Job


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Couple of questions i would appreciate some input on please - its that ol' chestnut Rover V8 cylinder heads!

Pulled the nearside head off today, well not literally but took a short cut and left the inlet manifold on. 170,000 miles on clock. do the brownish the marks on the inlet manifold side indicate leakage?? and what seems strange is that the tin gasket protrudes into the bores - almost as if it has a smaller bore (3.5 lire?) gasket fitted???

The front inlet manifold port indicates a leaking injector as there is a cleanish line in the inlet track where it joins the head. The cleaner part of the front piston might validate this? I had all the injectors 'serviced' a 1000 miles ago so I hope this is evidence of a historical problem, not current.

all the valves seem to be in remarkable good condition with no obvious signs of leakage.




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looks like someone has fitted a 3.5 gasket.how many bolts were holding the heads down?you don't need to fit the outer bolts.you can fit them just to plug the holes but don't torque them down.they can warp the head and then the gasket won't seal on the inlet manifold side.

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I knew it would happen - commence escalation procedures - offside rearmost head bolt slipped on the socket and rounded the edges so engine out.

The bolts were so tight i had to use a motorcycle stanchion slid over the end of a half inch socket wrench to get the leverage.


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