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PC cmpatability question

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was in toys'r'us this morning, looking for prezzie for newly arrived nephew, when i spotted one of those in car DVD set-ups, 2 monitors and a DVD player, on special offer for £129.99.... ;)

on the blurb it said that it accepts an AV input to run your playstation through it....

what i want to know is.. can i run a pc (either laptop or tower case) through it (through the AV input) and use the monitors as a display, would make a good GPS set up with a cheap tower case in the boot....

also, having read Si's post about the reversing camera.. could i plumb a reversing camera into it... :huh:


m@tt. :)

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Yes, but you need to make sure ur PC has a composite video out. Some come with s-video..you will need an adapter to convert this to composite (basically just a plug...all of £3 in maplin)

You may have an interesting time with power...inverters are all very well...but if you want sound, you will need some very good isolation to avoid the buzz they will put into the power system. Dc-dc converters exist, but are pricey.

Have a look at http://www.mp3car.com and http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/In-Car-Computer-CarP...1QQcmdZViewItem

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Composirte screens are good at showing video but are usless at displaying fine details text etc that can be useful on gps.

I have a custom pc built (it was and will be again when the 110 is back together) into the 110. It runs of a dc-dc converter which can cope down to about 6 volts. :D

I have an 8 inch touch screen built into the dash which is from linitx

They are good screens and the smaller 7 inch would be spot on.

They also have two composite inputs which i use like simon for a reversing camera and front mounted camera. these can be switched from the dash. B)

110 install before i fitted it poperly

Any question just shout and ill try and help


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