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chassis rusting from inside

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after replacing the crossmember on my 110 i noticed lots of rust and flakes and trapped mud inside the chassis.does anyone have any ideas of what to do about it and how to access the chassis along its length to clean it out and then squirt something in?i have access to a proper steam cleaner and was thinking or drilling some holes in the chassis to get the lance in to blast out all the muck.i have been looking at the cheap borescopes on ebay.has anyone used one to look about inside?any advice greatfully recieved dont want to do anymore welding.

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Trouble with Defender chassis is the loom goes inside otherwise you could get one of those drain cleaner jobbies for the Karcher and send that down then the Waxoyl probe and waxoyl the inside.

Errr, and why can't you still do this?

I used the drain cleaner on mine yesterday :D

Will be waxoyling when the weather warms up a bit.

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