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Pain in the BUTT newbie question again

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Sorry to do this as I can appreciate it must get some what tedious at times with us new guys askin the same old questions, but I can assure you I at least am very grateful to those that take the time to respond :D

So now for the umpteenth time (I'm guessing) it's the old question about radio wiring :huh:

The muppet that had the Landy before me put in a JVC CD/radio, that was ok till he decided to wire it in to god only knows what :ph34r: . He has put in a switch that you have to flick before the CD/radio works and then re-tune the stations every time! Apparently if you don't throw the switch again when you switch the CD/radio off the CD player keeps spinning and eventually drains the battery :angry:

I have obtained a land rover CD/radio from a 2003 Freelander and would like to fit this in my 300tdi (1995) Defender, the correct way :) . So any links or diagrams on wiring and what to do would be of great help.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and help out.

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Haynes green book has wiring diagrams for all models I think.

There should be a dedicated part of the loom for a radio off the top of my head, although I found mine wired into the power for the cigarette lighter, look a mess so I removed it.

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you can buy the ISO connectors with a tail of wire on for pence on ebay, if you look the wires are usually labelled, you just need a permanent live feed, an ignition switched live, an earth and then your speaker wires. I have both male and female connectors in mine just to future proof it!


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Thanks guys used a bit of all your ideas in the end, got an ISO connector then using the diagram tried to unscramble the previous muppets attempt at wiring! So the new CD/Radio is in and working fine now, just got to remove the splinters from scratching my head on a couple of occasions. Cheers

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