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Sticky Clutch Pedal

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At a guess the clutch master cylinder needs to be replaced (new quality part) or refurbished. Only know this because it happened to mine. There is a good thread on here some where with step by step photos showing how to change it, I'm no mechanic but followed it and did the job perfectly.

You might want to check that the master cylinder reservoir is up to the write level with DOT 4 fluid 1st. as if this is low will be a cause, but then why has the level of fluid dropped? You may want to bleed the clutch system too?

If there is fluid showing on the clutch pedal or the mat just below the clutch pedal that would be a tell tail sign that the master cylinder is on its way out. Hope this helps

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remove the pedal housing top cover & with something like motorcycle chain lube give the pedal pivots in each side of the housing a good dose & lube the trunnion too,check if the floor mat is catching/obstrucing the pedal, or you might need a new master cylinder if the lubrication doesn't cure it.

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