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excess emissions


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most garages i know swear by forte products. first thing you should do though is a clean air and fuel filter, add a bottle of diesel stop smoke into the filter, and then a couple of bottles of injector cleaner into the tank (if there is more than 1/2 a tank of diesel in there - if under 1/2 a tank, then 1 will do)

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Another trick i dont :rolleyes: use on my transit van is...slacken throttle cable off a good few turns,

and put a big thick lump of carpet under the rubber mat,

it stops them from thrashing the nuts of the engine, its not worked :rolleyes: a few times now

the rest is just welding!!!!


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Diesels love to be thrashed. Without a good thrashing now and again, you will get a buildup of soot and carbon deposits in the cylinders and injectors.

Take it to your nearest A road, 3rd gear, foot to floor and hold it there on the limiter for 10-15 seconds or so. Then do it again. You will probably get clouds of black smoke out the back which will clear as everything unblocks itself. It would also help to put some injector cleaner stuff in the tank. Don't bother with the dosing instructions on the side, just tip the whole tin in.

Before you do the above though, do give your engine a check over. Oil/coolant level etc.

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i gave mine the "thrash it clean" treatment last night on the way home, first time got loads of smoke out the back, second time got nothing - so it does work. hardly get anything on startup now either.

could be worth trying this one on the way to the test station.....

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