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Air suspension compressor


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Hi All

Have just started a strip down on the air suspension compressor and have a couple of questions.

1) What size allen key do i need for the grub screw that holds the crank in place.

2) Is it normal for the comutator to wear to a groove where the brushes come in to contact with it and if so can i have it machined flat,or is there no need to worry about it.

3) Which is the best seal to use.The reason i ask is that there seems to be a couple of different types ie Teflon and one from Holland which is said to be a re-design with teflon & fibre glass.(on ebay)

Cheers RB

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Commutator doesn't sound good, but hard to say without seeing it - it's either seen a lot of use (would be surprising given these motors are reputedly comfortably good for the life of the vehicle) or it's had some grit in it. I've had similar with an alternator on a car (Skoda Felicia - it was exposed at the bottom of the engine so didn't lead an easy life) - I cleaned it up as well as I could and fitted new bushes but it wore the bushes heavily and I had to replace to the alternator.

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David has told you where to look for allen key size (or why not just try them till you find the right size?) and I've given you my experience of trying to get more life out a worn commutator (albeit not getting it machined - I don't know if this is possible but given how much metal it would leave I'd spend the money on a new motor). So why "?"?

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