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Photos formn the 'Plain

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Went for a trundle on the Plain yesterday, here are some piccies.

On arrival, saw some trouble brewing :angry: as an invasion force of tanks appeared, so to save the MOD time and money I got my trusty high lift and smashed their turret in. This is the remains after I finished (well I hope they were the enemy otherwise I may face prosecution and a hefty bill :o )


Then to prove the diesel sceptics wrong, a V8 can go through water! (if you look carefully, you can see some just under the rear tyre , unless the axle gasket has gone :rolleyes: )


A natural bonsai.


Don't you just hate it when you've been searching for wepaons of mass destruction and eventually

come across a bunker, before you know it, like buses, two more appear! (it was empty, so nothing new there). :ph34r:


Another view of the lightweight.


A poorly executed crop circle? A UFO crash site? Who knows??? B)


The lightweight once again.


A place where if I were a cat, I would like to stay at. ;)


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