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Discovery 2 Air Suspension - Remote Control


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This is a total shot in the dark, and Mods, if you think this topic is in the wrong place then please move it.

I am wondering if anybody on this site has changed their rear suspension from air to coils and has a Remote Control for sale. It is very easy to raise the rear end when off the road but not always quite so easy to lower it again.

Provided the remote has it's appropriate bar code with it then it would be easier to get the car down to it's normal ride height, especially in areas where it is not always suitable to reach the desired speed.

Any responses here or via PM, Many thanks.


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Surely to get the car back to normal ride height you just press the "off road" button again? (or drive over about 20mph) Why would you need the remote ? I undersatand it could be useful for tow hitch alignment, but isn't that what the jockey wheel handle is for. Don't get me wrong, I'd quite like one of these for gadget, but they seem very expensive for the benfits.

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