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Doors on BBC OB Defenders

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They're there for equipment access. I had a good nosey around inside one of them when it was being used outside my office.

I found these pictures on the web a while ago (click on pics for full size) -

th_ea_3.jpg th_d8_3.jpg th_d5_3.jpg th_b8_3.jpg th_ad_3.jpg th_a3_3.jpg th_89_3.jpg th_7a_3.jpg th_69_3.jpg th_68_3.jpg th_64_3.jpg th_2a_3.jpg

I noticed that it still has a 'Land Rover 110' grille badge.


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I used to drive one of these!

They weigh too much, are very wobbly & unstable to drive despite having 'uprated' suspension.

Mostly used to use the little doors for running cables in & out and for access to the back of the racks. The rear cabin formed a little (cramped) control room with a couple of monitors, patch bays, vector scope & waveform monitor - so we could say "It's alright leaving us" when SCAR (Spur Central Apparatus Room) beefed about the picture quality!

The LR's JUST fitted in to the news garage. One however had a dish on the top, kindly removed by a friend named Graham who forgot which one he was driving!

Si (BBC NCA 1990-95)

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